Creating your video audition files

As with any audio audition file, you should create your video audition in the most appropriate surroundings possible for your instrument or voice – for example a studio or concert hall with the appropriate acoustics. Videos should have been made within the last 12 months prior to the closing date for applications.

Post-production manipulation of the sound quality is strictly forbidden and in any case detrimental to your application – we are looking for the most natural demonstration of your current ability. The must be no outdoor performances or amplified sound.

YouTube Links. Candidates should upload their audition videos via Links on YouTube. Please send each audition piece as a separate video.  On the Upload page, click on the dropdown box and select 'Public' or 'Unlisted'. When uploaded, you will be given an individual URL link to your video. Copy and paste these links into the relevant boxes on the AMF Application Form. Please make sure that each video file name contains the applicant's name, the composer and full title of the piece being performed. See for help and details.

Should you prefer not to display your videos publicly on YouTube, select 'Unlisted' instead of 'Public'. This will mean that only the judges and other people you share the links with will be able to view your videos.

If you are a composer submitting audio files and pdfs of scores, please add links to these via Dropbox or Soundcloud. Any composer videos should be uploaded to YouTube.

If your files are very large, you can re-encode your video to make the file size smaller without reducing the quality of the video. Details are in the Help section on YouTube, or try free encoding tool, Handbrake

Venues and production partners

Most universities and conservatories now provide assistance for current students to create audition CDs and DVDs, free of charge. Please contact your current place of study for more details.

For applicants who are not current students, or cannot get assistance from their place of study, there may be recording studios who give discounts for students. 

In Sydney, Music Feeds offer $50 discount with code AMF, $310 package price (as of 2014)

Fine Music FM in Sydney (and some other cities) have a recording facility with a grand piano and reasonable rates for students. Contact their Young Virtuosi program for more details:

In the UK, the AMF use Orientis Recording Services in Wimbledon, to record the Finals at the Wigmore Hall. Contact Simon Vout at Tel: 020 8286 8320 for details of recording packages of both audio and video.