2016 AMF Finalists Announced

The live Finals of the AMF Awards will take place at the  Wigmore Hall, London, on the morning of Thursday 6 October. All are invited to this free event in the AMF calendar, to support these talented young artists as they compete for scholarships to support their studies in the UK, Europe or the USA. If you would like to attend, please contact sas@australianmusicfoundation.org

AMF Finalists 2016 

Justin Sun - Bassoon

Waynne Kwon - Cello

Seong Sin Lee - Cello

Sam Lucas - Cello

Oscar Jiang - Piano

Sonya Pigot - Piano

James Guan - Piano 

Sabina Im - Piano

Jesse Flowers - Guitar

Shanie Klas - Percussion

Rebecca Gulinello - Soprano

Jade Moffat - Mezzo-Soprano

Daniel Mullaney - Tenor

James Yan - Composer