What is the aim of the AMF Awards programme?

The aim of the AMF award programme is to assist young Australian musicians of exceptional ability, financial need, and potential to pursue their music education overseas. Awards are given on the basis of merit and need, for the pursuit of specific activities. These may include one or more of the following:

• paying fees for a course of study at an overseas music institution with an outstanding international reputation;

• contributing to maintenance costs during a course of full-time student in music at an overseas institution;

• paying for private tuition, language courses, purchase of musical instruments, travel costs or other items that the Panel judges believe will make a strategic contribution to the applicant’s musical development.

The final purpose of any awards will be agreed between the Awards Panel and the applicant, subject to such additional conditions as the Panel may determine. Awards must be used for the purpose for which they are given, and awardees will be required to provide evidence of this. In the case of awards for the costs of tuition, the funds will normally be paid directly to the relevant institution.

Where do I obtain copies of the application form?

Applications are now made on-line. If, however, this causes you particular difficulties, please contact Sally-Ann Shepherdson. A sample of the application form is available here, so you can familiarise yourself with the information required.

Is the award open to composers?

Yes. Composers should apply using the standard form, but include links to copies of their scores (in Dropbox), as well as recordings of the music they send with their application. Composition is the only category allowed to submit audio files rather than video audition files.

Is the award open to conductors?

Yes. The AMF will consider applications from young conductors up to the age of 30 at the time of application.

Is the award open to accompanists and repetiteurs?

Yes. These are new categories since 2016. Applicants may be up to the age of 30 at the time of application. See the 'Apply for an Award' page on the website for more information.

What recording medium is acceptable for my application?

Application is now made via video audition files, apart from composers who may submit audio files in addition to pdf copies of the accompanying scores. Videos should be uploaded to YouTube. Please see the Video Audition Guide for more information. Applicants should ensure that the quality of the recording itself is as good as possible, as this is a crucial element in the assessment of applications, and that the recording is made in an environment suitable to your voice or instrument. Videos should be no older than one year before the closing date for applications. Please only submit one piece per video and add the Title, Composer and Performer to the file name of each video.

What repertoire should I include in the recordings that I submit with my application?

This is entirely up to the applicant, but it is strongly recommended that the repertoire be varied, to demonstrate the applicant’s strength in a range of repertoire from different periods and styles. 3-4 tracks may be submitted with a total length of no more than 25 minutes for all recordings. Each recording should be no longer than15 minutes in length.

Is there any fee for entry?

We charge a £10 application fee for your entry, to cover the 3rd party administration costs we incur. This is payable via Paypal on the online application form.

If I am successful in being granted an award, what obligations do I have to The Australian Music Foundation?

The Australian Music Foundation requires that during your course of study supported by the award, you submit annual reports of your progress to the Foundation reporting on your activities and use of funds. This includes:

i) An activity report describing the use you have made of the award, and the benefits you have gained from the activity.

ii) A financial report on use of the funds, with supporting evidence.

The Australian Music Foundation also requires that the grant of an award be mentioned in the artist’s biographical materials for the duration of the award and at least 3 years subsequently.

What other benefits are there to being an AMF awardee

The Australian Music Foundation aims to arrange performing opportunities for its Awardees, to support their career development. This will usually include an Awards Ceremony on a date to be announced, when you will be given an opportunity to perform before an invited audience of distinguished guests. Other performing opportunities may also arise during the year or subsequently.

The Australian Music Foundations at its discretion also aims to offer its Awardees a range of additional non-financial support, including mentoring and careers advice for as long as they remain in the early phase of their musical careers.

What is the value of an award?

Typically awards are in the range of AUD$10,000, plus named awards of differing values. Stated values of awards in promotional literature are a guide only. The Australian Music Foundation reserves the discretionary right to vary the amount of any award and to make awards to more than one successful applicant as appropriate.

For how long is an award made?

Australian Music Foundation awards are given for a single financial year only. However, you are entitled to apply for a further award, subject to satisfactory completion of the requirements of the previous award and your continued eligibility.

How can I assist The Australian Music Foundation in the future?

The Australian Music Foundation will always wish to stay in touch with its Alumni and would hope that Alumni, having attained a successful professional career, will be willing to support the aims of The Australian Music Foundation and enhance its ability to support new generations of young Australian musical talent.