Australian Music Foundation: Data Privacy Policy

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 The Australian Music Foundation respects your privacy. This policy explains what personal data we can collect about you and how we will use it. It also explains your rights and how you can exercise them.

About us

The Australian Music Foundation consists of two legal entities:

·      The Australian MusicalFoundation in London is a charitable trust established in the UK in 1975, and registered with the UK Charity Commission. 

·      The AMF Australia Foundation is an Australian charity established in 2006 to support our work in Australia and provide tax deductibility for donations from Australian taxpayers.

The two legal entities work together under the name ‘Australian Music Foundation’. Our annual award-making process is jointly managed and funded by both. 

In this policy, Australian Music Foundation refers to both the UK and the Australian legal entities. Any data that we collect may be shared between the two in the course of our work. 

What personal information do we collect?


The Australian Music Foundation maintains mailing lists to communicate with people interested in our work. These include:

·      A general mailing list for members of the public who would like to receive updates about the work of the Australian Music Foundation and information about events, concerts and fundraising initiatives.

·      An AMF Awards Mailing List intended for potential applicants for awards.

·      An AMF Alumni Mailing List to maintain contact with alumni and share AMF news and invitations.

Individuals subscribe to our newsletter through the website by providing their names and email addresses.

Award applicants

Applicants for Australian Music Foundation awards are required to complete an application form with a range of personal information, including academic and financial information, and to submit a photo and video or audio recordings of their work. The information required is set out on our website and in our application form. 


Successful awardees become Australian Music Foundation alumni, with whom we aim to maintain long-term relationships. We may collect further information from alumni from time to time regarding their education and career progression. This information may be used to promote the work of the Australian Music Foundation.


People who make donations to the Australian Music Foundation are asked to complete donation forms and, in the UK, Gift Aid Declaration Forms. We retain these for at least seven years, as part of our accounting and tax records. 

How do we collect information?

The Australian Music Foundation only collects information provided voluntarily and directly to us by members of the public, through our website, application process or other correspondence.

What do we use the information for?

Personal information shared with us is used only for the purpose for which it is provided – namely, for sharing newsletters and other information and for managing the awards process. We will seek your agreement before we use your information in any other way.

People on our mailing lists will be contacted no more than 4 or 5 times a year.

In the application form, applicants for Australian Music Foundation awards are asked whether they consent to us using their photo and audition files for the purpose of promoting the work of the Australian Music Foundation on our website, social media and promotional materials. If the applicant agrees, the information may be kept indefinitely for this purpose. If the applicant does not consent, the information is used solely for the purpose of judging the application. Whether or not the applicant consents has no impact on the judging process.  

We do not distribute marketing information on behalf of any other organisations. We do not use personal information to make automated decisions

How long do you keep personal information for?

For individuals who asked to be included on one of our mailing lists, we will keep your name and email address until such time as you decide to unsubscribe.

For applicants for Australian Music Foundation awards, we will retain the information you submitted with your application for up to three years,as part of our records. 

For recipients of Australian Music Foundation awards, you consent through accepting the award to our retaining your personal information indefinitely, and any additional information you provide us from time to time about your career progression.

How do we keep personal information secure?

We may hold personal information in a number of ways, including in electronic databases, email contact lists and paper files. This information is accessible only to our employees or agents who need to access it. We take reasonable steps to protect the data from unauthorised access, including:

·      Ensuring that electronic files containing personal information are stored securely and password protected 

·      Keeping hard copy documents in secure locations, under lock and key. 

If there is a breach of data security affecting your data, we will let you know immediately (together with appropriate regulatory bodies) and take all reasonable and appropriate steps to protect your interests.

Sharing information with third parties

We treat personal data as strictly confidential, and will not disclose it publicly unless you have explicitly given us permission to do so.

We will not share your personal data with third parties, other than those listed below, unless it is with your explicit consent or we are required to do so by law.

We may have to share personal data with third parties in the following cases: 

·      Companies engaged to provide support services to our operations, such as administering mailing lists, hosting web and video content, managing ticket sales and processing donations. 

·      External individuals involved in supporting AMF in its work, whether on a professional or voluntary basis, such as members of our judging panels

·      Professional advisers to the Australian Music Foundation, such as lawyers, bankers, auditors and insurers

·      The UK Charity Commission, HR Revenue and Customs and other UK or Australian regulatory authorities who require us to report to them in certain circumstances.

These third parties may not use your personal data for any other purposes.

Transfer of personal data outside the European Economic Area

We may at times transfer and process personal data outside the European Economic Area, including with the AMF Australia Foundation.

Your rights

Any member of our mailing list may ask to unsubscribe at any time, either through the unsubscribe function on our website or by writing to us at the address below. We will then delete your name and email address from our records.

Any past applicant for an AMF award may request a copy of any personal information that we hold about them by writing to us at the address below. There is no charge for this service, and we will comply within 30 days. 

Any individual who has consented for us use their name, image or a video/audio recording for our own promotional purposes may withdraw that request at any time by writing to us at the address below. We will then remove any personal information from our website and, to the extent possible, from our social media accounts, and from our own records, within 30 days of the request, without charge. However, we may continue to use existing hard copies of promotional material containing such information for a further six months. The Australian Music Foundation accepts no responsibility for any personal information copied from our website or social media and used by third parties. 

For further information about this Policy and requests regarding your personal data held by the Australian Music Foundation, please contact:

Sally-Ann Shepherdson (AMF Administrator) click on the name and a new email will pop up.

Office address: 9 Westbury Road, London, N11 2DB